Recent Acquisitions – PIPA Institute’s collection

(Sep-Nov 2021)

From September 9 to November 21, 2021, the Praça dos Arcos gallery, in Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro, hosted the exhibition “Recent Acquisitions – PIPA Institute’s collection”. The show aimed to present some works acquired by Instituto PIPA in the last two years to the public. All pieces are signed by contemporary Brazilian artists who have been part of the history of PIPA Prize, such as Aleta Valente, Ana Frango Elétrico, Ana Paula Oliveira, André Griffo, Barbara Wagner, Daniel Beerstecher, Elias Maroso, Ibã Huni Kuin (Isaias Salles), Jaider Esbell and Yukie Hori + Inês Bonduki. The Institute’s collection can be seen here.

As informed on the Collection page of this portal, the Displacement umbrella concept serves as a guideline for the collection. Displacement has many definitions. It may refer to the situation where people or objects move from one place to another. It can also be spontaneous or forced. There is a sense of urgency and a need for invention associated with displacements – between countries, bodies, sexuality, identity, supports and artistic languages.

Simultaneously, the exhibitions “PIPA Prize 2020: Winners’ exhibition” and “PIPA Prize 2021: Presenting Selected Artists” were also on display at Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro.

On the opening day, Luiz Camillo Osorio, curator of the Institute, and Lucrécia Vinhaes, founder and coordinator of the Institute and PIPA Prize, performed a guided tour of the exhibitions as part of ArtRio’s VIP program.

This visit was adapted into a video produced by Do Rio Filmes and divided into two parts, which are available on our Youtube channel. Among the subjects covered in Part 1 are how the Prize is structured; and the 2020 edition and the 2021 changes. In Part 2, Camillo comments on the works in the exhibition, such as the flight of caged birds by Daniel Beerstecher; the records in close temporalities but distant spatialities of Yukie Hori and Inês Bonduki; the self-fictionality of Aleta Valente; and the symbolic universe charged with the ancestry of Ibã Huni Kuin (Isaias Salles).

As Camillo Osorio defined,

This shock of worlds that Brazil is, I think this is the spirit of PIPA Institute.

Watch the videos below:

See more pictures of the Exhibition. They are all by Jaime Acioli.