PIPA Prize

Partial view of PIPA Prize 2017 exhibition at MAM-Rio, photo by Thaysa Paulo


PIPA Prize is an initiative of PIPA Institutue, which coordinates and sponsores the Prize exempt of tax benefits.


Promote Brazilian artists, encourage domestic production of contemporary art, support and award emerging artists. It is also to be an alternative blueprint for the third sector.


PIPA aims to reward artists that have already been highlighted for their artwork, and are already known in the Brazilian art circuit. It is not to reveal new talents. It is an award.


There are no entries to compete in the prize. All participants are nominated, each year, by the Nominating Committee composed of about 30 experts in Brazilian contemporary art from all regions of Brazil, and abroad, seeking for a comprehensive overview.

The Board selects 4 finalists, among all artists participating in the edition to present their works in an exhibition – which after being held at MAM-Rio for 9 years, in 2019 takes place at Villa Aymoré. 

PIPA Prize nominees  are annually invited to be a contestant for the following awards:

  • PIPA: the winner is chosen among the four finalists by the Award Jury. Receives an extra donation of R$30.000,00 for the development of a project. 
  • PIPA Online: award open to all nominees. The most voted artist by the end of the second round receives R$ 15.000,00.


For more information visit www.pipaprize.com