Jaider Esbell

Normandia, RR, 1979. – Lives and works in Boa Vista, Brazil.
PIPA Online 2016 winner.

Jaider Esbell, Makushi, born in Normandia, Roraima State, Brazil. He stayed in his birthplace, where now comprises Raposa Serra do Sol Indigenous Land, until he was 18. Esbell has his first experiences with art since early childhood, when awarded his first prize (drawing) in a contest at Kanauani Indigenous Community in Roraima. Still in his adolescence, he gets in touch with social movements and witnesses the resistance fights of indigenous people in the Raposa Serra do Sol Indigenous Land. In 1998 he moves to Boa Vista, the capital of Roraima State.

Esbell was born in a rich ambience for arts and shows himself skilful with literary writing. His affinity with literary tradition comes from his early childhood, since his indigenous grandfather used to tell him tales on his ancestors knowledge. In 2010 he receives a grant for literary written creation by FUNARTE/MinC (Art Foundation/Ministry of Culture Affairs). This grant results in the publication in Portuguese of his first short stories book entitled MAKUNAIMA’S BACKYARD – Miths, Legends, and Lived Stories in 2012. This book represents the consolidation of his work on art and education, which has been undertaken autonomously in schools, including indigenous ones.

In 2011 Esbell retakes his work with acrylic painting, in an autodidact manner, and has his first exhibition in his hometown, Normandia, entitled ‘CABOCAGEM – The Man in the Landscape’. His literature and artworks, including poetry, photography and videos, have taken him to an avant-garde position in the state. Still, he has been carrying out activities as cultural producer, art educator and lecturer in art, literature and environment management and sustainable development.

Jaider Esbell, "A Dimensão Humana", 2013, 100 x 150 cm
Jaider Esbell, “A Dimensão Humana”, 2013, 100 x 150 cm


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