Denilson Baniwa

Barcelos, Amazonas, 1984. – Lives and works in Niterói, Brazil .
PIPA Online 2019 winner.
PIPA 2019 nominee.

Sometimes, the challenge isn’t occupying positions. When the positions that exist don’t serve your purpose, it’s necessary to create something new. Denison Baniwa is an indigenous artist, he is indigenous and is an artist. His indigenous being allows him to make art in a different kind of way, in which imaginary processes are forced interventions in a dynamic history (the history of the colonisation of indigenous territories we now know as Brasil) and the interpolations with those that embrace its responsibilities.

Denilson Baniwa, “Forget me, please!”, 2017, acrílica sobre tela, releitura da tela de Roy Lichtenstein – “Forget it! Forget me!”, 1962, 20 x 30 cm


Video produced by Do Rio Filmes, exclusively for PIPA 2019