Art Collection

The PIPA Institute’s collection focuses on artists who have participated in the PIPA Prize. Since 2010, every artist who wins the Prize or PIPA Online donates an artwork to the Institute. 

In the end of 2016, we initiated an acquisition and commissioning process through the Institute. The main concept “Displacement” serves as a guidance to the collection, even though it can have various definitions. It may mean the – mandatory or spontaneous –  movement of objects or people from a place to another. There is a feeling of urgency and a need of self invention associated with displacements – between countries, bodies, sexuality, identity, artistic languages, and supports. 

Our intention, whenever possible, is to try to acquire a set of works which minimally translate the artists creating process and their researches and issues internal coherences. Besides, we aim to go along their trajectories development. The diversity of the Brazilian production must be stimulated through these acquisitions, with their historical, political and social narratives. Diversity is the basis of a cultural environment that tries to be vital and productive.        

We believe in the relevance of fomenting artistic practices, supporting the production of new artworks and projects, with the mission of contributing to the international acknowledgment of Brazilian contemporary art. Our collection is available for loans. Exhibitions have been held and we are open to developing new projects and partnerships.