Bárbara Wagner, “Mestres de Cerimônias”, 2016, Mineral pigment on cotton paper, 80 x 120cm

Support, help document and promote the development of Brazilian Contemporary Art and Artists. Our slogan is “The Window for Brazilian Contemporary Art”.

The Institute was established in 2010 with three main objectives:

  • To increase the profile of Contemporary Art as a professional choice in Brazil,
  • To help the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM Rio) build a selected collection of contemporary art. From 2010 to 2018, in an association between PIPA and the Museum of Modern Art of Rio, the finalists’ exhibitions were held at the museum. The finalists of each edition donated an artwork to MAM-Rio, allowing the expansion of  the museum’s collection, with 36 works added to the Brazilian contemporary art collection.
  • Develop a blueprint for an efficient NGO, where most of the financial resources are destined to fulfill the Mission of the Institute

It was co-founded by IP Global Capital Partners and IP Capital Partners Asset Management, two asset management companies co-founded by Roberto Vinhaes, Lucrecia Vinhaes, Christiano Fonseca Filho and Christiano Fonseca.

In 2015, in a restructuring of the group, Roberto Vinhaes and Lucrecia Vinhaes took control of IP Global Capital Partners (Brazil and United Kingdom), while Christiano Fonseca Filho assumed control of IP, both preserving a minority stake.

In the same restructuring, IP Global was renamed PIPA Global Investments (both in Brazil and in the United Kingdom), the Institute was renamed PIPA Institute, Lucrecia and Roberto Vinhaes took over the Governance of the Institute and also made a donation of part of their shares in the IP Capital Partners to the Institute in order to provide the means to continue with its activities in the future and to help in the development of other sources of financial support.